Finding The Best Stainless Steel Waffle Maker

A waffle maker is one of the best appliances you can have in your kitchen. You don’t truly recognize how valuable a waffle maker is until you get to experience the convenience it offers.

In this article, we will dissect some of the key things that you should be considering when you are looking to purchase the best stainless steel waffle maker.

Things To Consider When Buying A Waffle Maker:

1. Price


Most importantly, you want to find a product that is available for the best price. You want to find a waffle maker that is going to offer you exceptional value for the price you are paying. You can find numerous different products offering good value.

By sorting the waffle makers based on price, you will be able to find some of the waffle makers that you should consider getting for a great price.

2. Reviews


You also want to consider the product reviews when you are buying something like this. After all, there is so much information out there. Because of this, you should be using the information to your advantage.

You want to find the product that will deliver you the most for the price you are paying. There are plenty of different products you will find that have great reviews and that is available for a good price.

3. Features


While there aren’t too many features that you will find in a product like this that will differentiate one from another, there are certain options that will stand out. You are likely buying the maker for convenience.

Because of this, you want to identify a maker that is offering the quality of life and convenience features that you need. Thus, this could make or break your purchasing decision.

4. Size


For some, the size will be very important. After all, no one wants to have an appliance that takes up too much space. By choosing one that has a good size, you will be able to avoid choosing one that is going to become a nuisance.

Instead, you want to find one that is relatively compact and one that will offer you the ability to use it without wasting a lot of the space you have available in your cabinets or your kitchen. Finding the one that is available at the right size is key.

5. Retailer


You also want to be certain you are buying from the right retailers. Choosing the right retailers is key because you want to be able to return to the market if it doesn’t live up to your expectations as a consumer. Buying from the right retailer gives you better protection as an informed consumer.

As you can tell, there are all kinds of different things that you should be considering when you are on a mission to purchase something to make waffles with.

There are plenty available and you want to find the one that is going to deliver you the best experience. By following the various tips above, you should be able to identify the right maker to get. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/best-stainless-steel-waffle-maker/.

BEEHOMEE Bath Mats for Tub Kids

BEEHOMEE Bath Mats for Tub Kids

Customer Reviews:

1. Perfect for my little girl who likes to play in the tub. It is longer than most bath mats which are amazing since it covers almost the whole tub floor. The only downside is that depending on the texture of the tub floor it might not adhere properly with the suction cups. My tub has a little bit of texture I think to prevent being too slippery, so the mat won’t adhere as well and tends to float a little bit on the water.

2. I wish I read reviews before u bought the mat. A lot of people said it didn’t stick to the bath tub. That is exactly what happened to us. It just wouldn’t stick to it no matter how hard we tried to press on the mat.

The bath mat kept floating up and the baby was constantly tripping over it. I bought the mat cause I absolutely loved the design (4 stars for that), very sad I had to return it. My husband told me it depends on the bathtub surface. Mat will only stick to the smooth one.

3. Super cute and long enough to cover most of the slippery part in the tub. Suction works really well. I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because of the strong rubber plastic smell. It’s so strong that I have to put it away after bath time since the bathroom is so close to the kids room and their room was smelling like rubber. I put it outside for 2 days but the smell didn’t go away.

4. A good mat with colorful pictures. It’s pretty easy to stick on the tub and take it off with light force. We didn’t have mold problems such as other reviews, but, honestly, it’s a bath mat. At some point, every mat will have mold there because of water residue. One could just dry it out outside after each use to prevent mold or not worry about it so much and just get a new mat when it’s time 🙂

5. I did a review when I got it but it doesn’t show … so Read description before purchasing. It WILL NOT STICK on textured tubs. Needs to be Smooth surface tub. Lol. I didn’t read the description and it Does not suction on my bathtub. Really bummed about it but my 4 years old love it since there are all the animals on it so we’re keeping it . It does stick on the smooth parts on my tub though. A little to the side where my 11-month-old likes to stay by since her toy is on that side.

6. The perfect mat for bathtub. I love that it’s longer than most mats so it covers more of the tub. My son loves all of the sea creatures! Such a cute mat!! READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IF YOU CAN’T GET THE MAY TO SUCTION TO TUB PROPERLY. It wouldn’t stick at first but after running hot water over the mat and having a little water in the bottom of the tub before trying to get it to suction it works great. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/best-non-slip-bath-mat-for-baby/.

Bad Reviews:

1. I thought the design of it was cute and when I first opened it my son was excited about it and wanted to take a bath.. but it wouldn’t stick to the tub no matter how hard we tried! Wish I would have read more of the reviews first before purchasing it because seems like a lot of other people had the same problem with it.. wound up returning it! I got a new bath mat from someone else

2. SUCTION DOES NOT WORK. Buyer beware. The suction cups wouldn’t stick to the bottom of the tub. It kept floating up, no matter what we tried. Bummer because it is very cute and the size was perfect (that’s why the 2 stars)

3. The product looks great. My 2-year-old enjoys pointing out the fishies during bath time. HOWEVER, The suction cups are horrible. Each time, I spend 5 minutes trying to stick it to the tub before giving up. I’ll most likely toss it and buy a better one. Mainly for my sanity. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/.

Best LED Desk Lamp For Drawing

The Best Desk Lamp For Drawing

Why You Need An best desk lamp for drawing?

Drawing is a super popular pass-time for many people, and for some, it’s even a job. Having a great light to make sure your art is exactly what you want it to be, is extremely important. Thankfully, there are many options available online and many come at great prices.

Having an LED light over a standard light is a GIANT difference due to the sheer amount of light LED’s produce and the length of time LED’s last. A standard light lasts about 1,000 hours while a normal LED light will last you around 50,000 hours. That is a huge difference, and it gives artists the peace of mind that their light will not burn out any time soon. What To Look For In A Good LED Lamp

There are a few components to finding the best desk lamp for drawing and one of those is illumination. The amount of light the lamp gives off needs to be both strong and weak when you need it to. Having that adjustability will allow for you to draw in any situation and have optimal lighting.

Also, having places to plug in your phone and laptop are a great addition that just add to the versatility of the product. Finally, a low price that you are happy with is possibly the most important aspect of a lamp purchase and ensuring that you will not regret it. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/what-is-the-best-desk-lamp-for-drawing/.

The YoStyle LED Desk Lamp

Best LED Desk Lamp For Drawing

This is the LED desk lamp that I use and I think you should to! This lamp provides multiple levels of illumination for whatever project you’re working on, and spreads the light very evenly thanks to many small LED lights instead of just one large one.

This light has 4 USB chargers and 2 outlets so you can charge whatever you need to. It is extremely convenient and does not take up much space, which is great for big projects that may take up a lot of area on your desk.

The position of the lamp is fully adjustable and it comes with an 8.2 foot long extension cord. Finding a low quality lamp that dies on you in a matter of hours is simply not the way to go. Thankfully, you can get this lamp here at a great price online and it will meet all your drawing desires.Honorable Mention!

TW Lighting LED Desk Lamp

best lamp for drawingThe “TW Lighting LED Desk Lamp” is another option for those looking to spend a little less money on their next purchase. This lamp comes in a wide variety of colors and has the same 3-stage dimming LED’s as the previously mentioned lamp. This lamp does only have 1 USB port, however, for many people, that is all they need.

This product has some great reviews and it seems to me that many people really enjoy it! This lamp is about half the price of the original one and has many of the same features. Either way, the two lamps listed here are great options and would do just fine for your next drawing project.

What are the Best Small Diaper Bags?

Best Small diaper bags are bags which are in the range of 13 inches x 18 inches with a width of about 2 inches – 3 inches. This size is small enough to allow you to carry the diapers and other stuff that you will need on the go. This bag can hold the basics and that is the importance of a diaper bag ….to hold the basics.

The best way to buy a smaller bag is to go for those diaper bags which come in a set like 5 -7 set so that when the need arises, you have an option between a bigger and smaller diaper bag. With bags which come in sets, they are affordable and you too will get to have a good level of choice.

Finding the right diaper bag for your needs can significantly reduce the stress you may experience when on an outing with baby. Diaper changes away from home are not always a piece of cake and a great bag will make things simpler by assuring that you have everything you need and keeping it well organized for easy-access.

A tote that is incredibly stylish but lacking in function will send your sleep deprived brain into a tailspin. However we found in our testing that you don’t have to sacrifice style for function.

Okiedog Genie Flower Power

This is one of the best small diaper bags available in the market. It has separate pockets which can be used to hold different baby items. Your phone, keys or wallet is also taken care of by these pockets.

This bag is PVC free, BPA free and AZO free thus making it baby safe. It weighs 8 ounces and measures 13 inches x 9 inches x 3.9 inches, thus making it a nice compact small bag for those mothers looking for a smaller diaper bag that is trendy. It has a shoulder strap which will allow you to keep both hands free to do other things.

JJ Cole Insulated Tote

When it comes to functionality and simple design, you’ll find that this Baby Pack Mini Diaper Bag will surely ace the scores on your intricate check list. Its simple design makes it a perfect fit for both moms and dads, and it also comes in a lightweight and compact design equipped with every compartments that are necessary to make every short trip you have with your child, completely free from worries and any hassle.

The most noticeable accompaniment of this baby pack is a cooler for your baby’s snacks and bottles along with a side pocket. It also has enough room to keep every essentials of your baby, along with easy-to-access exterior pockets for your valuables like mobile phone, wallet, keys and more. It is very comfortable to wear and is highly durable with its polyester fabric construction. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/best-small-diaper-bags/.

Ju Ju Be – Be Quick

Ju Ju Be Be Quick Diaper Bag is deisgned to hold just enough for a change or two. It is not a diaper bag for those who love to pack, but for those who love to go!

Fleurville Sling Tote Diaper Bag

With all the style and practicality you’ve come to expect from Fleurville – just a bit smaller. (Though it’s not as small as the Escape Pod above.) The standard shaped small diaper bag has room for extra changes of clothes and small bits for bottles and keys.

Baby Pak, Mini Baby Diaper Pack With Cooler

This bag has some interesting features such as a cooler yet it is quite affordable at less than $30. It has a diaper compartment and a cooler compartment with padded and adjustable shoulder straps.

It has a side bottle holder and a mesh bottle holder with a separate pocket where a mom can keep her stuff such the keys and phone. This is one of the best small diaper bags which you can use for short trips.

LillyBit Uptown Diaper Clutch Bag

This is a clutch bag which can be used to carry diapers and other small items for baby. It is folded in three to keep it compact and small. When it comes to opening, it opens quickly to allow for baby change. It can be worn as a shoulder bag, clutch bag or on the wrist thus giving you options on how to carry it around.

This bag, small as it is, can hold a changing pad, a wipe case, 4 diapers, and a smaller tube of ointment or cream. This makes it an ideal best small diaper bag for those short trips. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/.

Skip Hop Forma

This model of diaper bag is a good value with lots of room to organize your things. It’s highly functional and comes in a number of cute patterns to choose from. This is one of the best bags to buy if you’re on a budget.

Of these the top two brands SoHo and Skip Hop have the best ranges and styles and also the more affordable prices, so we shall focus on those as choices. However I think it would be useful to know what is meant by the sizing “small.”

led novelty lights

Childrens Novelty Lights Reviews

Are you looking for children’s novelty lights? If so, you are lucky. Making our kiddos happy is one of your priorities in life. They deserve the best life has to offer, and you love them to the core. Well, they are your loved ones and they love you too.

Well, you can make them even happier when you purchase some children’s novelty lights today. These lights are just awesome because they will allow you to give them the peaceful ambiance that they need so much when they go to bed. We will let you know about some of the best children’s novelty lights today. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/childrens-novelty-lights/.

Star Night Light by Elmchee

Childrens Novelty Lights

The amazing Star Night Light by Elmchee can be used as a night light so you can make your kids have more fun at night. The Star Night Light by Elmchee will allow your kids to sleep in a different universe: a place full of stars and light. Yes, the Star Night Light by Elmchee will give them this fantasy right away.


– The Star Night Light by Elmchee comes with a wide array of options.
– The Star Night Light by Elmchee is both a projector and a nightlife too in one.
– Easy to use.


– The Star Night Light by Elmchee might not work correctly too.

Mydethun Night Light for Kids

kids novelty lamps

The Mydethun Night Light for Kids will allow you to calm your kiddos in no time. The Mydethun Night Light for Kids has been designed with this end in mind and it will do what it has to do properly too.


– The Mydethun Night Light for Kids is a distinctive night light.
– Good value for money.
– Quite functional and beautiful too.


– The Mydethun Night Light for Kids might not be too practical.

Luckkid Night Light

led novelty lights

The Luckkid Night Light will provide your kids with the level of relaxation that you need to give them right away, and that will be awesome for you too. You just need to mount the Luckkid Night Light on a wall so they can have a blast right away.


– The Luckkid Night Light can easily create a relaxed ambiance in no time flat.
– It has a wide array of lighting effects too.
– Easy to install and use.
– Awesome to decorate any wedding out there.


– The Luckkid Night Light might not give you the rotation power you want.

We have talked about some of the best novelty lights for your kids today. The Star Night Light by Elmchee is just awesome because it will allow you to give your kids the quiet ambiance that they need at night.

Remember also that the Mydethun Night Light for Kids is just great to calm your kiddos. Yes, the Mydethun Night Light for Kids is here for you so you can truly make your kiddos happy right away too. Do you want to make your kiddos relax? If so, the Luckkid Night Light is for you and we have just told you a lot of things about it too.

Philips Hue Beyond Table Lamp

Best Table Lamp For Philips Hue

Philips Hue Beyond Table Lamp

Philips Hue Beyond Table Lamp

Philips Hue Beyond Table Lamp

This beautiful Philips Hue Beyond table lamp lets you easily set your home’s lighting design from your smartphone or tablet. The lamp connects to your home Wi-Fi network using the Philips Hue bridge (not included) and allows you to control its settings using the accompanying app. With options for multi-coloured mood lighting and warm white task lighting, this versatile, dimmable LED light also comes complete with a 5 year guarantee.

By Philips Luminaries

Both technologically and visually innovative, the Hue series from Philips Luminaries features modern design, practicality, and high-tech functionality combined with a user-friendly interface. These iconic fixtures with LightDuo technology can provide both functional and mood lighting in one award-winning design.

The Hue Beyond LED Table Lamp allows you to enrich the ambiance with light, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and dens. This highly customizable LED table lamp is ideal for ambient lighting, whether you feel relaxed, energized, or sociable thanks to a Paint with Light feature, focusing on creating the precise lighting environment you seek. This advanced digital technology creates a limitless lighting experience.

Control from your iOS and Android smart devices

Simply sync your lights to your existing Philips hue bridge. Once that is done, you can control your lights wirelessly from anywhere in your house. Be it from the living room, the dining table or from your bedroom, your smart device can control any light connected to the bridge. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/tips-for-finding-the-best-table-lamp-for-philips-hue/.

Set lights to turn on and off when you’re away from home

Make it look like you are at home even when you are away. Set scheduled alarms or use timers to turn your lights on and off at fixed or random times. With online access, you can also control your home lighting directly via the app on your smart device.

Enable geofencing in the app and your lights will automatically turn on or off when you enter or leave the house. Convenient and reassuring – wherever you are.

LightDuo: two independent light sources for functional and mood lighting

Read and work in harmony with how you feel, whether relaxed, energized or sociable. All through the power of light. Philips Hue beyond has two independent light sources – an uplight and a downlight – so you can create an endless mix of colours and white light.

Set functional lighting and add a touch of colour. Or create vibrant scenes and combine different colours to match your mood, whether it’s to relax, energize or explore.

Paint with light

Philips Hue beyond delivers enough light to create the right ambiance in your room. Choose from 16 million colours in the Philips Hue app to match the light to your mood. Or use a favourite photo and re-live that special moment with splashes of colour. You can save your favourite light settings and recall them whenever you want with the tap of a finger.

Please note: This lamp does not come with the Philips Hue bridge. If you do not already own a bridge, it will need to be bought separately at extra cost. Sku: 83850142

Colour your life

With 16 million colour variations to choose from, you can set Hue to the mood that suits you, so you can chill with a blue ocean glow or relive an orange sunset from the comfort of your living room. Colours can be saved as ‘Scenes’, so you can revisit your favourites, or you can choose from the available presets.

These ‘light recipes’ have been proven to create the perfect atmosphere for your needs. The ‘Reading’ recipe is ideal for curling up with a book, while ‘Relax’ provides a soothing glow. ‘Concentrate’ will help you stay alert when working, while ‘Energise’ bathes you in vibrant lights to revitalise you.

Comfort dimming

Experience guaranteed smooth dimming with Philips Hue. Not too bright. Not too dark. Just right. No need for wires, an electrician or installation.

Smart control

Connect your Philips Hue lights with the bridge and start discovering the endless possibilities. Control your lights from your smartphone or tablet via the Philips Hue app, or add switches to your system to activate your lights. Set timers, notifications, alarms, and more for the full Philips Hue experience.


Hue works as more than just a colourful light bulb It can be tailored to your life, with alarms, timers and alerts, so you can set Hue to wake you up with a soft sunrise glow, or to turn all of your Hue lights off at bedtime.

Hue lights can flash at you to let you know when your food is ready to come out of the oven, or to let you know when your favourite TV show is starting. You can set your lights to come on when you’re away, to deter thieves, or control them remotely via the portal, from anywhere in the world.

Geofencing technology can be used to turn your Hue lights on as you enter the door. Hue can even be linked to data feeds via the IFTTT (If This Then That) service, to give you a visual alert when you get an important email or when the weather changes. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/.

Which is the Best Digital Grand Piano

Which Is The Best Digital Grand Piano?

Have you been searching diligently for a digital grand piano? Are you starting to feel frustrated? We are here to help by presenting you with the 7 best digital grand piano reviews. Before we get started with the reviews let’s take a look at what criteria we set for determining what makes a digital piano best.

No other piano is more beautiful than the grand piano. Likewise, no other type of piano plays quite the same, and owning a concert grand piano is the dream of almost every serious pianists. Unfortunately, these gorgeous instruments cost a small fortune to purchase, pushing them out of the price range of most pianists.

For those who still want the experience of owning their own grand piano, there is thankfully a second option. A digital grand piano has much of the same elegance and quality of a high end concert grand piano while also providing many advantages that actually lead many to prefer them. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/what-is-the-best-digital-grand-piano/.

Grand vs. Upright Piano – What are the differences?

Now before you actually opt for any piano, it is essential to understand some basic differences between two most popular types of digital pianos including grand and upright pianos. Understanding details of each of these types would aid you in making a favorable purchase decision.
Weight and Size:

A grand piano is usually heavier ranging between 250 to 500 kg of weight whereas an upright one would be somewhere between 150 to 250 kg. Uprights also have smaller foot print in comparison to a grand piano and thus if space is an importance consideration, you may make your decision accordingly. Grand pianos usually occupy a lot of space.

Due to heavier weight and larger footprint, a grand piano would be difficult to move and pass through compact doorways. Even movement of these instruments would be expensive and you would need to pay some hundred dollars to movers for insured moving of this beautiful instrument. Whereas it would be easier with an upright instrument.

Upright pianos have higher tendency of depreciation in comparison to their grand counterpart. Yet this drawback can be an advantage for buyers as this fast depreciation of an upright piano would help you in finding a younger slightly used good upright piano for a lower purchase price.

Which is the Best Digital Grand Piano

Which is the Best Digital Grand Piano

1.Suzuki MDG-300

This 2′-4″ cabinet style micro grand piano has an appealing and classic mahogany brown wood tone look with high quality finish that makes it one of the most interesting parts of your room. Carrying the look and sound of a grand piano, this revolutionary instrument is full packed with features that not many other pianos in this range offer.

It Suzuki MDG-300 features a full 88 keys velocity sensitive graded hammer action keyboard. The sensitivity gives you real feel and you can actually control the pressure to create an appropriate sound and volume similar to feel of a grand piano. Impressive sound sampling with 128 maximum polyphony allowing pianists to play with true richness and expression.

A large bunch of features are incorporated with this best digital grand piano to enable pianists to add dynamics and versatility to their performances. These additional features are 122 selectable voices, 100 rhythm styles, 80 pre-loaded songs, reverbs, MIDI and USB connectivity and much more.

It also includes onboard 3 track song recorder for pianists to record their practice and performances. Even that is not all, it has 6 powerful speaker stereo sound system with bass, mid-range and high-intensity speakers to give added expressiveness to your sound. All that with a price tag that is not expensive for look, feel and sound quality similar to a grand piano.

2.Suzuki MDG-330

The Suzuki MDG-330 is the bigger brother of the MDG-300 and is the more attractive instrument of the two. This electric baby grand piano has a simply flawless design that makes it one of the most beautiful digital instruments you will ever have the chance to see.

Along with having the completely authentic look of a concert grand piano, the MDG-300 is a powerful instrument to play as well.

This piano is equipped with all of the same features that make the MDG-300 great such as a fully-weighted, velocity-sensitive keyboard, 3D sound sampling technology, as well as extra features such as 128 different voices to choose from, 100 professionally arranged accompaniment styles, and an elegant hand-rubbed lacquer cabinet that is sure to make this instrument the finest piece in any home.

While these mini digital grand pianos are both top of the line instruments, they are not the only great digital grand pianos on the market today.

Both the Yamaha digital baby grand piano and the Samick digital baby grand piano are both excellent instruments with a great key action, realistic piano sound, and plenty of powerful features that give you options as to what type of music you want to play.

If you are looking for a great baby grand digital piano, most any model made by either Suzuki, Samick, or Yamaha is going to be a great-sounding, high-quality instrument.

3.Yamaha CVP 409 Grand Piano

We looked at the Yamaha CVP 409 GP and were not surprised to find that we loved it! First of all, if you see the name Yamaha you already know that you are looking at a digital grand piano that is going to impress. It offers a full 88 key, keyboard that is nicely weighted to feel so natural.

The white wooden keys with faux ivory tops feel completely authentic and offer an excellent response to the touch. It offers a completely sophisticated look and because it is a Yamaha you can bank on the fact that there are high quality components.

This digital piano offers all of the features that we set forth in our criteria and then some. You get four level sampling, string resonance, stereo sustain, Super Articulation Voices and Mega Voices just to name a few of the features that really make this a stand out option.

There are over four hundred accompaniment voices, you can record right to the USB Recorder and easily upload to your computer or online venues. The cabinet is breathtaking furniture quality and made from ebony. The highly polished, outstanding cabinet is reminiscent of concert quality baby grands.

4.The ONE Smart Piano 88-Key Home Digital Piano Grand

The ONE Smart Piano 88-Key Home Digital Piano Grand

The ONE Smart Piano 88-Key Home Digital Piano Grand

This classic wooden look digital piano is one of the best choices for beginners and learners of piano. It offers fun way of learning to play piano and makes it much easier for students. It features a full 88 keys weighted action keyboard that gives learner an authentic piano playing feel.

Synced LED lights on the keyboard makes following correct notes pretty simpler. Within minutes of working on this piano, you will be able to play a simple song with ease. Why it is called an excellent choice for learners is because of its interactive learning methods.

This piano features 3 different ways with free app to aid in learning including video lessons, fun games and sheet music provided through apps for iOS and Android systems. This piano is known to the first and only Apple MFi certificated interactive piano. Thus it offers opportunity for students to learn as they prefer and are interested in.

Not only students but expert pianists and teachers also appreciate this instrument. A number of high quality songs are included along with more than 2000 sheet music and tutorials. More content and features are added continuously and you are automatically updated on any additions to this digital instrument. Professional quality stereo sound along with 3 foot operated piano pedals enables you to add expressiveness to your practice and performance.

Advanced app controls along with built-in metronome and control of volume enables you to have control on all the dynamics. Moreover it features USB MIDI Input/Output option so that you can transfer data and your practice files with much ease. Above that even the cost is affordable so if you are thinking of learning to play piano and want to have look and feel of a grand instrument, you can consider buying this one too.

The digital grand piano and digital mini grand piano are both extraordinary instruments that would be the prized possession of any pianist. They are the most attractive instruments in existence today, and the way that the high-quality ones feel and sound is simply beyond compare. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/.

If you are looking for a digital piano that will serve as both a wonderful instrument to play and a beautiful addition to your home then a digital grand piano is a great instrument to purchase.

Key Advantages of Yamaha Digital Pianos and Keyboards

Key Advantages of Yamaha Digital Pianos

Considered the gold standard in modern digital pianos, Yamaha pianos feature graded hammer effects to simulate the weighted keys on acoustic pianos. As a result, many leading music schools, such as the Conservatory of Winchester, rely on Yamaha for their electronic instruments.

With careful engineering, the construction of the pianos, from the keyboard to the pedals, is designed to simulate the touch and feel of acoustic pianos. As a result, top reviewers ranging from Consumers Digest to MMR Music Magazine have recognized the brand for excellence.

What truly separates Yamaha from some of the other brands on the market today is the focus on reproducing authentic acoustic sounds. The company’s engineers have produced a custom weighted hammer keyboard which adjusted the weight of the keys according to the 88-key scale – as a result, practicing on a Yamaha digital console translates better into actual play on a full acoustic piano.

Going beyond traditional digital playback, Yamaha pianos now feature Wave Memory which captures not only authentic individual notes but is capable of reproducing multiple levels of polyphony.

The key texture to leading classical compositions comes from the interplay of chord structures, and the Yamaha allows for accurate reproduction of these effects. Subtle differences between chord variants are clear, while the integrated stereos allow for bright reproduction of sound quality. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/.

1.Yamaha DGX-650 Digital Piano

Learning was never more fun than with the Yamaha DGX-650 Digital Piano which provided for exclusive learning software for beginners along with a host of XG song files to learn to play songs from famous artists all over the world.

The Graded hammer Action 88-note keyboard with adjustable key-touch sensitivity that developed the correct fingering technique to play a real acoustic piano.
The Pure CF sound engine generates a lush Piano sound that is recorded from the Yamaha’s famed CFIIIS 9’ Concert Grand Piano.

The Damper Resonance effect replicates the interaction of the strings to achieve that acoustic realism in the tone.It has a maximum Polyphony of 128 notes and comes preloaded with hundreds of different voices including the Yamaha’s featured multi-instrument voices.

Yamaha has introduces a number of new and exciting features in the DGX-650 like the One Touch Setting, Smart Chord, Style Recommender for a smoother playability.

For the beginners, the DGX-650 comes loaded with the Yamaha Education Suite (YES) that comes with a built-in Chord Dictionary and a slew of lessons to learn and practice.The Piano comes with a built-in six-track recording option and a port for directly connecting a Flash Drive to store your music.

2.Yamaha YDP 181

Yamaha has made sure that their YDP 181 model from their Arius series looks and sounds amazing. The piano comes in a dark rosewood finish and will grace any room. What’s more, it also sounds as good as it looks.

The main purpose of the Yamaha YDP-181 is to have the authentic look, feel, and sound of an upright acoustic piano. The keyboard features 88 full-size keys with Yamaha’s Graded Hammer action. While this isn’t the highest grade on Yamaha models, it certainly is enough for this digital piano.

The piano features 14 voices which deliver crisp clear sounds identical to the original. The piano also has 128-note polyphony, which is enough for most piano players. For serious pianos players, the inclusion of 3 built-in pedals is a great feature.
Features of the Yamaha YDP 181

What are the features that you can expect to get with the Yamaha YDP 181?

Graded Hammer (GH) 88-key keyboard
128-note polyphony
Variable Touch Sensitivity – set to hard, medium, or soft to reflect your playing style
Advanced Wave Memory Dynamic Stereo Sampling
USB connection
Built-in recorder
2 large 20w stereo speakers
50 preset songs to play along with
Weighs 110 lbs

One of the main benefits of the Yamaha YDP 181 is the fact that it looks and feels like an authentic acoustic digital piano. It also has powerful stereo speakers which provide deep bass sounds.

3.Yamaha P115 Digital Piano

The P-series has been acclaimed for providing a line of compact, stylish and advanced Digital Pianos and the P115 is no exception with its sleek finish and a range of controls including its own iOS app.

The Piano replicates the ideal Piano tone by recording the CFIIIS 9’ Concert Grand Piano through the Pure CF Sound Engine. It can support a maximum Polyphony of 128 notes for enabling complex playing techniques.

The full-sized keyboard comes with the weighted hammer action to give the feel of a true acoustic piano and the touch sensitive fingers are equipped with Matte finish on the top for long hours of slipping-free practice.

A new effect called the SOUND BOOST has been introduced to add an extra vigor to your performance. It brightens up the notes and makes them much clearer to your audiences.
The P115 comes along with a free Digital Controller App for iOS Devices through which you can remotely control your Digital Piano by just one touch of your finger.

You can also save your favorite settings and then recall them in an instant through the Digital Controller App.

With 14 built-in voices and a variety of Rhythms and Styles, you can play any genre of music with complete accompaniment patterns generated from a single chord.

4.Yamaha YDP 143

The Yamaha YDP 143 is from their Arius range of digital pianos and this model is one of the best digital pianos on the market. It has the Yamaha Graded Hammer Standard keyboard which mimics exactly how a grand piano plays. The digital piano also features the Pure CF Sound Engine with a sample from the world-renowned CFIIIS 9′ concert grand piano. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/the-best-yamaha-digital-piano-that-you-can-purchase-today/.

The keyboard also features a split mode, allowing you to play different voices on the keyboard or also play along with someone else.

With the inclusion of Damper Resonance technology, Yamaha makes sure that the sound you produce is just a crisp and clear as from an acoustic piano. The fact that it has 192-note polyphony is an added bonus. This means that you can play very intricate songs with ease and sustained notes won’t get clipped.

If you have an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) then you can use the Digital Piano Controller to turn it into intuitive instrument controller. With this, you can control the digital piano and also even record your own songs.
Features of the Yamaha YDP 143

What are the features that you can expect to get with the Yamaha YDP 143?

Pure CF Sound Engine sampled from the CFIIIS 9′ concert grand piano
Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) 88-key keyboard
Touch Response keyboard
Half-damper pedal
Built-in 2 track recorder
Digital Piano Controller for use with an iOS device
Stereophonic Optimizer for better a headphone sound
USB Connection
MIDI recorder
Weighs 83 lbs

The main benefit of the Yamaha YDP 143 is that you get one of the best digital pianos that Yamaha has produced in this price range. With the Acoustic Optimizer and the Stereophonic optimizer, you can enjoy authentic sounds from your digital piano through the built-in speakers or through headphones.

5.Yamaha YPG-535 Digital Piano

When you though it couldn’t get any better that’s when Yamaha surprises you with a power-packed Digital Piano that lets you explore the boundaries of good music a little further.

The YPG-535 features an 88 note graded soft-touch keyboard which offers a premium piano sound by means of the AWM Stereo Sampling for tone generation.

THE full-dot LCD display provided on board is capable of displaying the lyrics and the score of the song that you are playing on the keyboard which even scrolls automatically as you play on.

A maximum 32-note Polyphony can be accomplished on this Piano. Now you can easily play along with the Dual and Spilt mode functionality and the Damper Resonance and One Touch Setting without the annoyance of note-slipping.

Learning is now more fun with the Yamaha Education Suite (YES) and the Performance Assistant Technology that varies the tempo of the song according to your playing ability and then grades your performance so that you can work upon your performance.

6.Yamaha YPD-142 Arius Series Digital Piano

The YPD-142 Piano by Yamaha has focused intensively on giving all levels of pianists a magical experience. Believe us when we tell you it will not be easy to distinguish its tone from that of an acoustic piano.

The standard 88 note keyboard is featured again in the YPD-142 which comes with the graded hammer Standard Action. The Matte finish can be adjusted to your style of touch and 3-pedal unit further portrays the interaction of the strings via hammer action with incredible clarity.

The 128-note Polyphony is powered by the Yamaha’s signature Pure CF Sound Engine which has established its superiority in many of the previous high-end models of Yamaha.

There are 10 inbuilt voices in the Piano which can be played in the Dual and the Duo mode. Additionally the Reverb effect and Intelligent Acoustic Control can be used for defining the tone according to the settings.

A two-track recording option enables you to capture your best moments and transfer them to your computer via the USB to HOST port provided on board.

With the Acoustic Optimizer Technology developed by Yamaha, the YPD-142 can regulate the string resonance to an optimum level and turn your Digital Instrument in a full-blown Concert Grand.

A Brief History of Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha originally began producing pianos in the late 19th century, and was one of the very first companies to adopt digital technology in its product lines. While the company’s electronic division has produced a wide variety of products, including computer chips, it continues to be a leader in music, producing both acoustic and digital string instruments of all types. The company’s ethos is captured in “Kando”, a motto which represents a commitment to excellence in quality.

Starting in the 1950s, digital pianos began to gain prominence in conjunction with the growth of synthesized musical production. While the earliest digital models didn’t fully emulate acoustic sounds, Yamaha continued to lead the way in innovation, introducing better sound reverberations which culminated in the development of MIDI true standards in the 1980s.

As a result of genuine digital reproduction, modern Yamaha digital pianos now transcend the tin-based resonance of earlier models, now producing tones which accurately map to actual in-tune acoustic piano notes. Today, the company’s complete line of digital pianos can be found in churches, music schools, concert halls and other playing environments as a testament to their quality.

Best desk lamps for college dorms

Have questions about what kind of lighting is best for your student? Contact Lamps Plus for product recommendations. We’re here to help!

This table light has a brass base in a step up design beginning with the largest action on the bottom. The sculpted feet really set off this light effectively, and also the glass stem provides the light a trendy yet open feel.

The white fabric shade is 16″, and also it has a 3-way revolving light switch to make sure that you could establish your desired lighting degree. The optimum bulb you should make use of is a 100-watt bulb. There is simply a minor little bit of setting up needed for this Waterford Crystal light that will certainly take all 5 minutes.

We have additional tips and videos about study desk and office lighting. Check out one of our additional articles and videos with one of the following links.

If you wish to spend a little less on your crystal table light but still wish to get a contemporary feel at a discount, take a look at this Crystal Body table light. desk lamps for college dorms This is a beautifully developed light with four glass worlds rising in dimension from top to bottom. It has a white shade that is made to offer ideal lighting while not interfering with the contemporary stem. This light also utilizes the 3-way switch and also an optimum 100-watt bulb.

Now this crystal table light with a modern crystal-like shade is really unique and also contemporary. It certainly is the complete opposite of the antique lamps we simply checked out above!

This light is has a light fixture style lighting from the 3 glass “light tones”. It has a slim stem and also a round base to offer it plenty of support. It is constructed from acrylic and also steel, and also the supplier says it is easy to set up.

It utilizes regular 40-watt light fixture light bulbs which you should be able to get at any kind of equipment store. I am not sure exactly just what kind of lighting this light provides, but it certain is among the most unique, elegant, and also contemporary table lamps readily available! More at //www.brandreviewly.com/.

1.Illuminada Swing Arm Desk Lamp

From now on you can illuminate your bedroom, office, college dorm, or desk, with this versatile and traditional styled Swing Arm Desk Lamp since it is perfect for illuminating a small area of your place.

The Illuminada Black Swing Arm Desk Lamp is ideal for your study table or workplace since it has lightweight metal swing with secure clamps onto your table or desk which assure that it won’t fall occasionally.

Also, its black finish feature with an adjustable arm for a wider illumination or pulling the head closer to the work surface for a brighter light illumination which is easy for you to use and change it to any direction you want.

This swing arm desk lamp is ideal for reading, studying, detail, craft, or hobby work which helps you to reduce eye strain yet offers better visual clarity, particularly for sharper details and small print during your work.

2.Verilux SmartLight Curve Desk Lamp from Bed Bath & Beyond

If you’re not looking for anything the least bit traditional, then this desk lamp is more up your alley. It’s also meant to replicate natural daylight so that you can study and read for longer than you would be able to with a regular lamp. Perfect for those of you who plan on pulling all-nighters!

3.Pixo LED Table Lamp by Pablo

Spritely and playful in its design, the Pixo LED table lamp from San Francisco-based Pablo is perfect for both intense study, or a relaxing read with a little down-time. Pixo’s head and arm both rotate 360 degrees, while the arm itself also tilts a full 180 degrees.

Best, Pablo has made a commitment to green design. Not only does the product operate on a miniscule 5 watts, but it ships safely in environmentally-friendly, minimal packaging.

4.Tao Tronics Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp

Everyone wants a stylish LED desk lamp that would look good on almost any desk which can provide enough illumination for reading at night. Now, the Tao Tronics Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp is here to offer you what you need.

This Tao Tronices Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp is the new generation energy-saving and eco-friendly LED desk lamp which is perfect for source for office, home, dorm, and so on. With its elegant and ergonomic design, this lamp is absolutely ideal for your study or reading since it provides enough light dim to support your eyes and allows you to do your work easily without having any blur vision from reading under the light that is too bright.

5.Spot Light Lamp from Target

This is the coolest lamp we’ve found, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves movies! If you’re avoiding boring lamps, then this is the one for you; it’s sure to attract comments from your friends. This would make such a cool addition to any dorm room, especially in this gorgeous teal color.

6.Link Small Floor Lamp by Pablo

The Link Small Floor Lamp takes iconic Pablo aesthetics and performance off the table, and on to the floor. With five vibrant finish options from which to choose, Link is a great choice for many a dorm room.

The body swivels 360 degrees to direct light where you need it most, and the head tilts 180 degrees. 25,000 hours lamp life guarantees the fixture will last well beyond the time spent pursuing a 4-year degree.

7.Newhouse Lighting 3W Energy-Efficient LED Desk Lamp

Don’t want to hurt your eyes while reading or studying at night? Get this Newhouse Lighting 3W Energy-Efficient LED Desk Lamp now to read easily without wearing glasses or turning on the main light.

Ultimate versatility is what the Newhouse LED Flex Clamp Lamp is all about. Designed with a strong clamp to hold it in place, the Flex Clamp Lamp provides you the bright and usable light right where you need for reading.

You can use it in dorm room and clamp it as the furniture or as the perfect bedside reading light, anywhere you want. This light uses the latest in LED technology and delivers quality light while being extremely energy efficient. No light is better than this one, get it now.

8.Horizon LED Desk Lamp by Humanscale

The Horizon LED desk lamp one of the nicest looking LED lamps available. The lamp itself has a diffuser which helps eliminate multiple shadow effect that you get with some lamps with more exposed LED’s.

It has three beautiful finishes and a fantastic overall design. It’s even part of MOMA’s permanent collection. The light is very adjustable and the switch has a night light so you can find it in the dark.

9.Boston Harbor Black Flexible Desk Lamp

Having a small desk next to your bed and need a small desk light that can fit right onto it for your reading at night? This Flexible Desk Lamp is small enough to be on your desk yet provide good light for your reading.

This Boston Harbor Black Flexible Desk Lamp allows you to adjust light to anywhere you need on your desk which is comfortable for reading in any position you want. It is designed with a lamp holder that has an on/off switch and a bullet style shade which is easy for you to switch and look good for your desk in your room. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/a-closer-look-at-the-best-desk-lamps-for-college-dorms/.

What types of backpack diaper bags can I choose from

What types of backpack diaper bags can I choose from?

The most popular types of diaper bags on the market are messenger bags and tote bags. Messenger bags have a long belt that goes over the shoulder or across the body. Tote bags look like handbags and they are equipped with a top handle or two.

What features should I look in a diaper bag?

Pockets and compartment dividers

The best backpack diaper bag is the one containing multiple pockets and internal compartment dividers that will help you access items you need easily and quickly at any time.

Food storage compartments

Food storage compartments are significant part of a diaper bag so it would be good to find some with insulated bottle holders and food storage pockets to keep drinks and baby meals at optimal temperatures.

 Fabric that’s easy to maintain

You should always choose a diaper bag easy to maintain because they are bound to get dirty. There are many bags on the market made with water- and stain-resistant materials to make the cleanup easy and those with antimicrobial lining as a prevention from bacteria growth, mould and mildew. More at //www.brandreviewly.com/.

Diaper bag accessories

There are lots of useful accessories for a diaper bag that can make your go out with a baby easier. There are built-in change pads providing sanitary, simple diaper changing anywhere.

If you need to carry soiled clothing, you can choose a wet and dry bag model, while there is lunch bag solution for having warm baby meals and cool baby bottles.

I didn’t know where I would find the time to complete this website, with three boys and a husband to take care of, but somehow during nap time and after bedtime at night (with the support of a very loving husband) I managed to get it all done. I chose eight of the best diaper backpacks and reviewed them here for you.

I have also added some informational articles related to baby diaper backpacks that you may find helpful. Let’s get straight into the reviews so that you can find your perfect diaper backpack and start enjoying hands-free parenting on the go.

1.Best Overall Backpack Diaper Bag

Functionality, looks, durability – this backpack from Skip Hop seems to have it all, and that is why it is my choice for best overall diaper backpack. For parents who want to have their hands free to handle their baby (and not have to strike a balance between holding the baby and holding the baby’s stuff), this bag is an excellent option, and the price is good too.

Lightweight and Stylish

The manufacturers used a lightweight polyester material to make the Skip Hop FORMA backpack. A diaper bag full of baby supplies can get pretty heavy, so I can appreciate anything that will make one lighter to carry. The fabric is all black with quilted detailing; a very stylish look that will compliment almost any outfit.

Multi Purpose Bag

While some diaper backpacks allow you to carry a few personal items other than your baby care items, the Skip Hop FORMA has lots of space for mom or dad to store their belongings. There are two versatile packing bags located in the front compartment of the bag; you can use these to store items, and one of these cubes is insulated so you can use it to keep baby bottles (or maybe your coffee) warm when you are on the go.

Otherwise, there are two additional insulated pockets on either side of the bag that are dedicated to carrying bottles. The changing bag pocket on this bag is also large enough for you to store your laptop (up to 15 inches) or your tablet.

Men’s Carrier Daypack (Made For Dads)

Dads are parents too, and need a reliable bag for days out with the kids! This military-grade bag is built to be tough, versatile, and highly durable for any adventures that come up, particularly outdoor events.

Though it doesn’t have as many compartments and pockets as other diaper backpacks available, it is still built for the job. 20 available liters of storage volume mean lots of diapers and wipes can be packed away, with room for lunches and extras. A diaper pouch of similar fabric that is durable and water resistant can be purchased as well.

MOLLE webbing, a Mission Critical trademark feature, makes for compact and efficient storage of bulk items. The shoulder straps can be tucked away to create a standalone bag, improving ergonomics when towing larger loads.

Mission Critical specializes in themed items for fathers, and also makes a diaper backpack with a drinking hose and bladder for water. This item comes in black, grey, or coyote tan.

It’s been a few years since I’ve needed to carry a diaper bag, which is both wonderful and sad all at the same time. I still end up schlepping around a ton of gear, but it’s not baby specific so a diaper bag just seems over the top or out of place.

A regular bag is great, but they miss all the best parts of, a diaper bag. And by best parts I mean all those content specific pockets and little tuck aways. Sure I don’t need a diaper pocket, or a changing pad, but the insulated lunch pocket, bottle holder (for water bottle) and all those extra little pockets would do wonders for staying packed and ready to go with any age kids.

buying tips before spending your money

1.Consider how you will use your diaper bag

Before you make final decision about the diaper bag, think about your family’s style. Will you often keep the bag on your stroller or you are going to take your kid to day care?  Where are you planning to keep your bag when you don’t wear it? Will you  carry a diaper bag  on a stroller , or the bag will spend most of the time on your shoulder?

2. Try a bag on

Parents often use diaper bags for a longer  period, for a year or more even when their babies grow up because these staff are very useful. That is why it does matter what choice you will make. In order to make the best decision try different bags for feel, look and size.

It would be also good to try a diaper bag carrying baby’s stuff and some of your items you have in your own bag every day. The diaper bag should be comfort and easy to use in the same time. The bag weight when it is empty is not negligible beause the items you are carrying weigh plenty enough.

3. Bigger diaper bag is not necessarily better

Yes, bigger diaper bag is more comfortable especially if you take into account that your baby grows up and needs bigger diapers and bottles that take up space. On the other hand, too big bag may cause loosing things or bumping into people.

For example, a deep hobo-style diaper bag is definitely too big for everyday use if you have one child, but perfect if you have twins.  The bag that weights more than your baby is not good and can ruin your posture.

4. Look for extra compartments

Compartments will provide you efficiency and good organization. It is priceless when you are in hurry and need to clean spit-up from your shoulder and find a clean diaper, all at the same time, being able to easily reach the necessary items in a moment.

It is lifesparing when you have the changing pad in the pocket and just grab a wipe and a diaper from there and go. Too many pockets can also slow you down giving you many choice so it is good to keep the bag packed the way it is easiest for you to grab, because you spend half the time you are grabbing it with a kin in your hand.

5. Material

There are materials that stain easily, break easily and are hard to wash off. The best solution is a bag that won’t give you a headache by looking old and dirty too soon. Dark colors are better than light ones and coarse fabrics are more durable. Diaper bag’s material must be easy to maintain.  We strongly recommend you to find a diaper bag that was made of easy-to-maintain material.

However, a bag that you can throw in the washing machine is a dream. At the very least, find a bag that you can wipe clean both inside and outside. Some companies offer bags with Agion, an antimicrobial finish, which is a very cool feature. Diaper bags in particular are very susceptible to growth of microbes.

6. Patterns

When choosing the pattern for the diaper bag you should think about who will be carrying baby’s diaper bag most often, and whether others will use the diaper bag occasionally, too. What if sometimes dad uses a diaper bag he may balk at carrying a feminine diaper bag with a bright floral pattern.

For the case both of the parents share diaper bag duties we recommend you to choose neutral bag style. Neutral doesn’t have to be boring, though. Many messenger or backpack diaper bags are available in unique colors or subtle prints for visual interest.

7. Keep price in mind

Sure you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a diaper bag when you can afford the one between $20-$30.  Don’t spend your money on the first bag that fits your budget. You should look till you find the bag that fits all your needs and your budget at the same time.

There is also a fact that price doesn’t always mean good quality. You can find good diaper bags at discount stores and at specialty shops at widely varying prices.

Best Shoulder-Backpack Convertible Diaper Bag

Since this is my diaper backpack site, it may be obvious that I prefer diaper backpacks to the traditional shoulder diaper bags. But the truth is there are some times when a shoulder diaper bag can be very useful.

For this reason you may want to consider a diaper bag that is convertible and can be used as both a shoulder bag and a backpack. After reviewing loads of options I have chosen the Ju-Ju-Be Legacy as the best convertible diaper backpack.


This bag from Ju-Ju-Be is all about giving you more flexibility as a parent who is on the go with your baby. You can wear it as a backpack or a shoulder bag, and it also has a handle for using it tote-style, if you find it more convenient to do so.

This bag was designed with a “mommy pocket” so that, while it is able to store all your baby’s stuff, you can also use it to hold your stuff, like your keys and mobile phone. There are also two insulated bottle pockets so you can keep your baby’s bottles either hot or cold.

Easy Cleaning

Diaper bags can get really messy. As embarrassing as it is to admit, on more than one occasion I have found “unidentified” smears of brown on my baby’s diaper bag, with absolutely no idea of how it got there (since I am constantly wiping everything).

When you don’t have the time to hand wash your diaper bag to make it nice and clean again, it helps to have a machine washable diaper backpack like the Ju-Ju-Be Legacy.

The bag also has a Teflon fabric protector that acts as a stain repellent so that the pack doesn’t get stained easily. What’s even better is that it also has crumb drains to help the inside of the bag stay clean in between washes.

Diaper backpacks are more popular than ever because more and more parents are discovering how convenient it is to have their hands free when they go out with their babies. These diaper bags are spacious and compartmentalized, offering ergonomic benefits that the traditional shoulder strap diaper bags just cannot match.

I hope you enjoyed reading my diaper backpack top pick reviews, and if you were able to find one that you think is perfect for you, that is totally awesome!